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Management Services
Villa Playa Josephine Smoak Real Estate/ KastleKeepersLLC is a home watch service in Destin, Florida. We provide the care your home needs while you're away. So when you arrive at your Kastle, relax and enjoy your time in paradise. We'll meet with you to customize our services to meet your particular needs.

Our services are available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed basis.

For any additional information contact us,

Mike & Kathy Shampine
Josephine Smoak Real Estate/ KastleKeepersLLC
Phone: (800) 497-5603
Cell: (850) 699-2534

Kathy is a licensed Real Estate agent working for Josephine Smoak Realty. We manage our rentals under the name of JSRE/ Kastle Keepers Inc. and offer full service for your rental properties. Please call, we will be happy to work out a program designed to fit your specific needs.

Our basic caretaker service of your kastle includes:

Interior Home Services | Exterior Home Services | Scheduling Services

Interior Home Services

Inspection of:

  • Alarm System, Doors & Windows
  • AC or Heat System
  • Change Filter as Needed
  • Adjust Temperature as Necessary
  • Circuit Breakers, Televisions & Phones
  • Lightings/Timers, Change as Appropriate & Adjust Blinds
  • Hot Water Heater/Water Softener for Leaks
  • Ceilings/Walls for Stains, Mildew, and Mold
  • Appliances

Check For:

  • Plumbing Leaks under Sinks, at Faucets and Flush Commodes
  • Signs of Pest Infestation
  • Water Plants

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Exterior Home Services

Perform Overall Inspection, to Include:

  • Landscape/Pest Problems
  • Weather Damage
  • Scheduled Maintenance of Pool/Lawn Service, etc.
  • Papers/Advertizing at Doors will be Removed
  • Trash Cans will be Returned to Garage
  • Water Plants on Decks/Porches
  • We will Start your Cars/Golf Carts

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Additional Services Available

  • Hurricane Preparation
  • Cold Weather/Freeze Preparation
  • Outdoor Furniture Setup & Removal
  • Schedule House Cleaning Service
  • Arrange for and Oversee Repairs/Maintenance
  • Wait for Deliveries
  • House watching
  • Home check services for winter residences
  • Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping
  • Schedule Appointments ( Doctor, Hairdresser, Restaurants, etc)

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Scheduling Services

Arrangements can be Made with Local Companies for Pest Control, Lawn Service & Other Home Maintenance.

We Can Work with You on Other Services You May Require.

Contact us for a consultation

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February 27, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I have known Kathy Shampine for 5 1/2 years. In 2010, we were interested in keeping our newly purchased condo in a rental program. We contacted an acquaintance with rental property experience for advice, Kathy received a very strong recommendation. We contacted Kathy's company, Kastle Keepers, a vacation rental management company immediately. Our acquaintances' praises and accolades proved to be true.

Kathy is very personable, reliable, and responsible and has taken care of our property as if it were her own. She has managed our rentals with excellence and to this date we have never had one customer complaint. Our rental property appears on several Internet websites, which she manages with promptness and efficiency. All accounting is reported each month with the utmost transparency as to how our money was spent. Each year we have always had a net income due to the rentals that Kathy manages. She has always employed very responsible housecleaners as well.

I should add that my husband and I have lived out of the country for the time we have owned our condo Lazy Days and we have not had one concern. We have relied on Kathy to take care of the condo upkeep and th3e rentals in our absence completely.

We would be happy to provide further information if needed.


Melissa Vlek
Paul and Melissa Vlek
Previous Owners of Lazy Days
Austin, Texas

"KastleKeepers and their representative have done an excellent job for the couple of years they have been managing our property in Destin Florida.

I believe that our rental "SeaCove's" huge success is a direct result of the fact that KastleKeepers performs the myriad tasks that are required with excellent attention to detail and equally excellent follow through. When we are told that something will be completed, the task is always completed in a very timely fashion without missing any detail. The same holds true for the assistance I've received with complex issues involved in maintenance, repairs, and renovations. All the while, patient and thorough communication with consistant accessibility is the backbone of KastleKeepers course of business.

In sum, it is rare to find such caring people as Mike and Kathy that are completelyresponsible with the varied and complex tasks that encompass high-end rental property management. As owners, we are very satisfied, and we enjoy the fact that our renters routinely request repeat visits to our house in following years.

It is a relief to know that our property is in such good hands especially since we are located 3,000 miles away."

Scott and Joanne Corey
Corona California

"Kastle Keepers have exceeded our expectations. Mike and Kathleen are wonderful to work with and have provided us with flexible and customized services as we have needed it. Even though we live here in Destin and are hands on with our own property management and maintenance, Kastle Keepers affords us the opportunity to take vacations and travel away from Destin without having to worry as we know our guests and our properties are in good hands with Kastle Keepers."

--Jay & Betty Coppic
South Seas Properties, LLC

"Kathy and Mike,

I wanted to personally thank you for the years of fantastic service you have provided us! We could not own or operate our units without your help! You do everything the way I would do it if I was in town. You are the reason I am able to sleep at night! My guest have always said great things about your services!"

--Joe Godar

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